The Design Process…

1. Initial Consultation

We will visit your garden at no cost to discuss your ideas and particular requirements. Gardens are for people as well as plants, and the space must be comfortable and appropriate for both. After this visit we will review your requirements and will provide you with a written quotation to design your garden. At this stage, you are under no obligation to continue with the garden design process.

2. Site Survey and Requirements Gathering

If you choose to proceed (we hope you do!) the next stage is the site survey. In order to produce an accurate plan of your garden ready for the design phase we will need to produce a scale drawing of the site, called a site survey. Boundaries and any existing features (good or bad) will be highlighted in the plan, this includes man-made structures such as manhole covers, oil tanks and telegraph poles, etc. Existing vegetation, trees and shrubs will also be noted and soil will be tested - pH reading taken

3. Design

You will recieve a hand drawn scale plan of the proposed design of your garden which will include detailed drawings of any complex elements. This will be presented to the you in person where we can discuss and make modifications if required.

Kings Garden Design offer a Planting plan service - each plant has its own characteristics, situation and soil preferences.Planting should be planned to harmonise with the garden layout - it is usually the planting that most people will remember!

4. Build

Next step is to turn the dream garden in to a reality...

Only fully qualified and insured landscape builders are contracted by Kings Garden Design, included into the overal cost is "project monitoring" this involves site vists which provides the client a single point of contact, making sure all goes to plan and budget.

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